QiK A.R.M.S 360º


Integrated with On-Site Server with Hybrid Cloud Management Solution, QiK A.R.M.S offers multiple versions which ranges from Basic to Premium. Available for every type & size of hotels according to the need, this software gives quick return on investment upgrading your hospitality business to the next level.

QiK A.R.M.S Version 1.0 Silver

A.R.M.S Version 1.0 is perfect for small to midsize Motels, Hotels Resorts and Restaurants. Including software features for reservations, check-in & check-out, inventory management and billing, it is designed for easy installation, training and maintenance. The software solution is modularized thus allowing scalability and the ability to expand with the changing needs of the property. This feature loaded software boosts staff efficiency bringing about increased revenue and better guest satisfaction.

QiK A.R.M.S Version 1.1 Gold

A.R.M.S Version 1.1 is centered on automating all critical activities of midsize and Large Motels, Hotels Resorts and Restaurants. Including software all features for front office with added features of housekeeping, maintenance work, F&B and create task with staff device support, this software is a total ERP solution providing powerful, automated control of operations at the property level. The added features of this software version works flawlessly in handling all the management needs thus catering smooth workflow of hotel operations and control.

QiK A.R.M.S Version 1.2 Platinum

Designed to handle large amount of transactions, A.R.M.S Version 1.2 is tailored to Premium Hotels, Hotel Groups, Chains and Large Sized Hotels. All major hospitality operations from reservations, check-in & check-out to inventory management to housekeeping, F&B are extensively covered. An additional feature added to this version is Room Device integrated with switch and light control. All these features in the version gives itemized control and keeping track of all departmental operations.