All The Features You Need For Hospitality Solution


Now no longer is a need to manually make reservations and keep mounds of paper or lose customer details. Effective software is all you need for your Hotel Front Office. QiK Circle Front Office module manages your front desk operations quickly and efficiently. It’s simple touch screen graphical UI makes desk operations & trainings become more streamlined. Delivering front desk staff with all the information they need at their fingertips, QiK Circle makes it simple for them to make reservations, manage room accounts and welcome guests efficiently.

QiK Circle lets you multitask regular front desk activities such as check-ins and check-outs of individuals, corporate and other group bookings. It also provides an additional option of Split bill which enables the front office executive to prepare the bill as per different heads based on the guest request. The reservation dashboard handles also various types of tariff (room tariff, corporate discounted tariff, member discounted tariff, etc.) and different plans. Email notifications can be send for upcoming guests or bill settlement at the time of check-out.

This powerful technology can save time by making multiple bookings without any error. Enabling a personalized approach, QiK Circle’s Front Desk module ensures smart handling of guests by providing vital information such as guest folio, complaints, feedbacks, room statistics etc at the time of reservation and check-in. You can also assign tasks to team members or make announcements related to the housekeeping, maintenance, customer queries etc.


Get an insight into your hotel business by tracking inventory on hotel reservations and other cost centers with QiK Circle I-HUB (Inventory Hub). This new feature serves as a main command center takes full control over hotel inventory such as check-in, check-out, guest details and food and services. Keeping full track of inventory from purchase till sale, this extraordinary feature makes it a trouble-free software solution for all hotels and OTA’s. Its color coded feature defines each and every status of the inventory with different colors and shows all tasks in motion and status of the same in real-time.

QiK Circle Inventory Hub allows you to make changes in the guest folio in just one-click. It also gives an option to include other service charges such as restaurant bills, spa, cab charges etc. Inventory Hub gives a live update of the entire inventory and each tasks which is been performed in the hotel on a single screen. Guest relocation can also be done without any hassle in case of any emergency.


Designed and developed to meet customer needs, QiK Circle’s Housekeeping Software lets you manage and monitor the housekeeping activities in a single dashboard at a glance. Our advanced software enables full control over the housekeeping department along with color coded feature making it distinct from the competitors. It’s intuitive dashboard displays current room status organized in a grid format making it vital for timely and professional housekeeping management.

Facilitating efficient cleaning, guest room inspections and allowing room prioritization, QiK Circle Housekeeping Software minimizes operational costs, improves staff productivity and increases hotel occupancy. Reducing paperwork, our Housekeeping software works in complete sync with the front desk. You can easily assign tasks to your housekeeping staff without any limits and these tasks can be tracked for better efficiency with reverse time tracker. Maintenance and repair activities will be updated to other department for further completion in real-time.

QiK Circle’s Housekeeping Software uses a technology that understands hotels to go beyond just improving communications. With increase cleaning efficiency by at least 20-25%, our housekeeping software shows room status whether it is ‘Dirty’ or ‘Clean’. You will love how simple and effective QiK Circle’s Housekeeping software is to use plus the return on investment that it delivers.


Unplanned repairs and broken equipment can take time to get repaired. QiK Circle provides a robust hospitality maintenance management platform that makes it easy to stay in the loop with all of the hotel’s maintenance needs. Specially designed with a powerful set of advanced features that focus on asset protection, preventive maintenance, work order and labor scheduling and tracking as well as inventory management, your maintenance team always knows what needs to be done, when and by whom with real-time information at their fingertips.

With the combination of both App and hotel management features, our solution provides utmost customer satisfaction and a single point of control over all maintenance aspects typically performed in the hospitality industry. You can track, assign and prioritize incoming work orders allowing you to create scheduled maintenance calendar. This system also monitors the amount of hours each employee work and total time taken to complete the assigned task.

Using QiK Circle as your hotel maintenance software, you are ale to streamline all of your projects, repair compliance issues and even trak inventory saving time and money. Hotel Manager can use QiK Circle maintenance app to stay updated on daily overview of work orders, asset tracking and manage tasks leading to lower operational costs and increased revenue from satisfied return guests.


Treat yourself to clever time-saving features and unrivaled versatility with QiK Circle’s POS solutions that provide hoteliers, restaurateurs & spa owners with a user-friendly means of bringing their company into the 21st century. Loaded with features like inventory tracking, sales reporting, credit card processing and more, our Point of Sale solutions has redefined the level of efficiency and accuracy in the sphere of sales.

Using our smart hotel POS system, the orders can be billed directly to the guests, transferring to the room as “Room Folio” and even billed directly to the company. This system gives the restauranteur full control to customize their point of sale to work exactly how you need it within your hospitality venue. You can easily set up multiple menus, set prices, taxes and surcharges and link up your payment systems and printers.

You can also use QiK Circle POS app installed in your mobile device to take orders at the counter or table without any hassle. This module also provides billing for Single or Merged tables, multiple KOT/ BOT generation for single/ multiple outlets with cover time management providing speed to your restaurant service. It’s time-saving features and unrivaled versatility provides hoteliers, restaurateurs & spa owners full management control allowing you to spend less time worrying and more time providing excellent service and delicious food.


Say goodbye to the traditional paper menu and take advantage of the dynamic new digital Restaurant module that is specially tailored to manage the complex process of the Food & Beverages industry with its powerful features. With a robust end-to-end portfolio, QiK Circle enables food and beverage operations that help streamline managerial tasks and increase speed of service while making positive impact on the restaurant and hotel business.

Loaded with powerful features of room service and automatic KOT printing, our F&B module enables you to deliver fast service to the guests and make a positive impact on your restaurant business. You can also create and manage multiple numbers of menus as per your requirements with additional option of customizing individual menu item. This automated process allows your staff to attend and serve your guests more efficiently hence increasing the rotation of customers.

QiK Circle offers your customers menu with vivid pictures and food descriptions giving them a unique interactive experience. Additionally, it includes special requests regarding the food items ordered. It manages the billing process without any hassle by the “Add Bill” to Folio option making the entire checkout process effortless. The F&B module is seamlessly integrated with the front office to maximize profitability with minimum manual administration.


Unlock the secret to excellent guest service and higher profit margins with QiK Circle’s Owner App solutions. Streamlining hotel operations, our unique Owner App increases efficiency and time management by displaying a 360° view of reports to the hoteliers and provides access to occupancy, revenue and other key performance indicators in real-time. It equips hotel owners with useful and practical information of the hotel needed to run their business at anytime and anywhere.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, this module is a breakthrough for any hospitality industry – from large chains to single properties. Hoteliers can grasp the benefits of keeping an eye on total sale of rooms, total revenue generated and night audit reports. Inventory status can also be generated which displays total inventory against per day per room. Working performance status of the employees can be tracked giving in depth information of total working hours completed by each employee and also any delayed or pending tasks by a particular employee. Hotel owners can also ensure smooth hotel operations in the hotel by keeping track of all the maintenance works and related costs, adding on to maintain customer feedbacks and complaints.


Channel Manager (Coming Soon)

QiK Circle highly intuitive software caters a fully integrated Channel Management solution to automatically manage distribution of your hotel room inventory across all the OTAs and GDSs in real-time eliminating double-booking issues. QiK Circle Channel Management System is resourceful software not just for the big chain hotels with deep pockets; it proves beneficial for the small and medium sized hotels as well. QiK Circle Channel Management System uses a powerful innovation to automatically manage distribution of your hotel room inventory across all the OTAs and GDSs in real-time with minimal human intervention. Furthermore, the software offers a direct-booking engine management and a centralized reservation manager to automatically update available inventory on all channels. Thus maximizing and managing hotel revenue, increasing the efficiency of sales desk as well as accelerating online presence. To collect and manage hotel reservations received from several different channels can be very time consuming. And in that situation, channel manager becomes a life saver. Connecting your hotel with travel bookings sites including OTAs (Online Travel Agents), GDSs (Global Distribution System, QiK Circle’s most practical and intuitive Channel Management System has a direct connection with the major booking channels namely Expedia,, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo and lots more. Without any trouble, QiK Circle keeps hotel room inventory and rates updates in real-time on all the channels.