QIK TECH SOFT SOLUTIONS, a Delhi based company is a Technology company involved in providing new age innovative software solutions to the hospitality industry. Our product QiK Circle is an integrated solution for hotel and hoteliers to make hotel management process highly automated while being easy to use and adapt. Our software caters to all aspects of the hotel industry such as hotels, motels, resorts and more. With Next2Next Generation intelligent & integrated modules - Hotel Manager / Task Manager / Restaurant Manager / Guest Services Manager / Channel Manager.

Offering wide range of unparalleled hospitality software solutions, QiK Circle meets every requirement of various segments of the hospitality industry no matter what size. Designed and developed keeping in mind the complexity and inter-connectivity of various departments in the hotels, QiK Circle uses latest technology meeting international hospitality standards so that our clients can spend more time on their most important job, taking care of their guests.

To be the leading PMS provider in the hotel category that fits customer needs and helps tackle intricacy of hospitality industry with a soft touch!! We assure you that you will achieve an overall 25-30% reduction in manpower costs with increased accountability and a much higher guest service by using our Next2Next Generation solution.

Our mantra is “ Re-engineering the hospitality software solutions”

Our Organisation's Lead Team is a brilliant mix of Entrepreneurs / Hotel Industry Professionals / IIT Engineers all from a very rich and diverse experience. We have spent the last 3 years in engaging with the Hotel Industry professionals / owners / employees at all levels to understand the real problems faced by the management, the failures at the execution level and then further studying each operation with microscopic vision to build the ultimate solution for the Hoteliers.

  • Tubby Kapur

    Founded QiK Circle A.R.M.S (Asset & Resource Management Software) in 2015, the technology to Re-Engineer the Hospitality industry by thoroughly studying the challenges faced. The man with the vision for us.
  • Ajay Trivedi

    An IIT Kanpur Alumni, Co-founded QiK circle in 2015 and was instrumental in getting together a great team of tech resources. An experienced hand and a pillar of stability for everyone.
  • Pramod Dahiya

    A Hotel Management graduate with a rich and diverse experience of nearly 2 decades in the industry working with top brands and multiple areas of management and sales. The backbone for the company.
  • Krishna Meena

    An alumnus of IIT Dhanbad a great resource with a very positive attitude, one of the finest android & ios developer, works at the speed of light, great inspiration to the team.
  • Pradeep Raghuvanshi

  • Rajesh Chakraborty

    UI Developer
  • Harssh Mahajan

    Full Stack Developer
  • Aditya Pal Singh

    Graphic Designer
  • Siddhant Thakur

    Front End Developer
  • Nalla Bharath

    Software Developer
  • Shiney Koshy

    Content Manager
  • Nupur Banerjee

    Relationship Assistant manager